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FuturaExpo is an exhibition dedicated to Nikola Tesla and advanced technologies. It is a place where companies and laboratories showcase their best technologies. In addition to paying tribute to Tesla, the exhibition is a place of exchange where collaborations can be forged to help advance science and technology; and, in the same spirit as the Olympic Games, it aims to foster universal understanding and peace through cooperation and mutual understanding based on the common good.
Born in 1856 in present-day Croatia, Nikola Tesla was an electrical engineer of Serbian origin who died in New York in 1943. He is the discoverer of new scientific and technical principles. Find out more: https://www.NikolaTesla.fr
While showcasing and demonstrating a technological advance can have financial repercussions for the company or laboratory, FuturaExpo is not a place of commerce for consumers.

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You can only buy a ticket on this website or at the ticket office located at the entrance to the exhibition. There is no other way to purchase tickets.
By road or RER to Pontoise station then taking an exhibition shuttle. More information, soon.

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The period from May 31 to July 26, 2024 (exhibition start date) being the time dedicated to the organization, then to the installation of the exhibition, all spaces must be defined, in particular the surface area and layout of each exhibitor's stand. In addition, the period preceding May 31 makes it possible to collect financial contributions from exhibitors to remunerate the people and companies involved (designers, stand builders, etc.).
Yes, several companies and/or laboratories can rent the same stand together to reduce costs but only one of them will be responsible to the organizers.
Yes, we are interested in partnerships that aim to make the exhibition more attractive to visitors and exhibitors. For example, we can make a dedicated space available to a company if it agrees to provide, in return, some of its technologies in the common areas of the exhibition. Do not hesitate to send us your proposals by , and we will give you a response as soon as possible.
The stands are delimited by structures and 24 sqm is a compromise so that the cost of the structures does not make the price of the stands prohibitive.
Yes, a laboratory can exhibit its advances or the results of its research free of charge provided that they are relevant to the subjects of the exhibition and that there are sufficient spaces remaining available. The organizers have planned a dedicated location and reserve the right to include or not an exhibiting laboratory free of charge. Do not hesitate to send us what you want to exhibit and the surface area needed by , and we will give you a response as soon as possible.
No, we only accept advanced technologies. If you have any doubts about the possibility of exhibiting your technologies, do not hesitate to contact us by , and we will give you a response about the feasibility as soon as possible.
Yes, we are interested in sponsors who contribute to the exhibition, financially or otherwise, as long as the ethics of the exhibition is preserved. For example, a sponsor can contribute to financing the space dedicated to laboratories which exhibit free of charge or can contribute otherwise by making its products available free of charge to organizers, exhibitors and/or visitors. Do not hesitate to send us your proposals by , and we will give you a response as soon as possible.

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